Founded in 1972, MCT has one of the industry’s largest installed base of integrated circuit (IC) test equipment with over 12,000 systems installed worldwide. 

Today, MCT is focused on the market for strip test, film frame test, and laser mark handlers. MCT has the industry’s most complete selection of automated tools for this fast-growing market segment that is widely recognized for its ability to reduce the soaring cost of IC testing. This focus on strip test was driven by MCT’s understanding that one of the most demanding challenges of the semiconductor industry is to reduce the cost of test. Reducing the cost of test is “mission critical” to IDM’s and OSAT subcontractors in their efforts to improve margins and remain competitive in their test operations. MCT remains the only test handler company that is focused exclusively on strip test products.

MCT’s industry leading strip-based test handlers combine strip-based handling with robotics, machine vision technology and advanced software controls to enable the testing and tracking of individual semiconductor devices within the assembly strip format. MCT also pioneered the use of automatic vision alignment between the contactor and the strip under test, full tri-temp operation, automatic contact cleaning, the ability to handle both magazines and cassettes in the same machine and the development of the industry-leading software, SmartTrak™, for electronic strip management. Today, SmartTrak™ leads the industry in electronic strip map management and analysis of data from the strip test process.

We’re committed to innovating our product lines and developing new ones to meet the changing demands in the semiconductor and high-technology manufacturing industries.

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