MCT Worldwide Timeline

MCT has a long history of innovation in handling solutions making advancements in robotics, machine vision technology, automatic vision alignment and advanced software controls to enable the testing and tracking of individual semiconductor devices within the assembly strip format. 

  • 1972 Founded in 1972, MCT began manufacturing and distributing a broad line of test handlers and testers to semiconductor IC integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) organizations.
  • 1975 MCT released its first gravity handler, the 2600 Series Gravity Handler in 1975.
  • 1996 The company released subsequent gravity and pick-and-place handlers: the 3600 Series (1981), the 4600 Series (1991), the 5100 Series (1997), and the 7600 Series (1996).
  • 1998 In 1998, MCT began its complete focus on strip testing solutions with the development of Tapestry™, MCT’s industry leading strip-based test handler. In addition to the strip test Tapestry™ PH-1 handler, the company sold its first-generationfilm frame handler, the Tapestry™ WH-1. The company released its Tapestry™ SmartMark Laser Mark handler in 1998.
  • 1999 In 1999, the company devoted itself exclusively to the design, development, sales and support of high parallelism test handlers in response to customer’s needs to reduce the cost of IC testing.
  • 1999 In June, 1999, through its acquisition of Infinity Systems, the company introduced SmartTrak™, the industry’s first enterprise software solution designed from the ground up to support utilization of 2D symbology and electronic strip mapping to intelligently process devices in strip format. Today, SmartTrak™ leads the industry in electronic strip map management and analysis of data from the strip test process.
  • 2000 In January, 2000, MCT acquired Marlborough, Massachusetts based Aseco Corporation, a surface mount device test handler manufacturer.
  • 2002 In 2002, the company introduced its Tapestry SC Strip Test Handler. 
  • 2004 Two years after its introduction, MCT released the Tapestry SC HOT Temperature Strip Test Handler. 
  • 2006 Understanding the importance of testing at varying cold, ambient, and hot temperatures, the company released the Tapestry™ SC Tri-Temp handler in 2006.
  • 2008 The FH-1200 Film Frame Handler, designed to handle QFN, WLCSP and eWLB packages, was introduced in 2008. In 2008, the company introduced the SH-5000 Tri-Temp Strip Test Handler. 
  • 2009 In 2009, the company shipped its MH-3000 Laser Mark Handler for marking of 2DID codes on the lead frame in support of strip testing, marking of reject devices, and for final package marking in strip test or assembly operations. 
  • 2014 In 2014, MCT shipped its first SH-5300 Tri-Temp Strip Test Handler, the 5th generation strip handler. 
  • 2016 The company expanded the capabilities of the SH-5300 making it a more versatile solution to address the changing demands in semiconductor assembly and test. 
  • 2017 In 2017, MCT released the MH-3300 Strip Laser Mark Handler used for the marking of 2DID codes on the lead frame in support of strip testing, marking of reject devices, and for final package marking in strip test or assembly operations. 

Today, MCT markets and sells its 4th & 5th generation strip handlers, the SH-5000 and SH-5300, alongside its 3rd generation film frame handler, the FH-1200, and its 3rd & 4th generation laser mark handlers, the MH-3000 and MH-3300.