The SH-5300 Tri-Temp strip test handler is the newest version (5th generation) of the production proven SH-5000 Tri-Temp strip test handler (4th generation) that has been an industry solution since 2008.

  • The SH-5300 can handle the new high-density lead frames that are 100mm x 300mm in size.
  • The SH-5000 is the handler solution for lead frames that are up to 100mm x 275mm in size.

The SH-5300 and SH-5000 are highly flexible and are capable of handling virtually any leaded IC package in strip format, including SOIC, TSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, WFP, TQFP, SOT and pocket-molded QFN packages. They are also capable of handling Chip Scale Packages (CSP’s), Chip Array, Ball Grid Array, μBGA and other over-molded devices on laminated panels or strips if the devices are electrically isolated.

Please view this short video on the SH-5300. If you’d like to view a longer video with a demonstration, please reach out to us


Product Information

Conversion Kit Changeover< 20 minutes< 20 minutes
Multi-site TestSingle site to massively parallelSingle site to massively parallel
Temperature Range-55°C (with chiller) to +160°C-55°C (with chiller) to +160°C
Soak LimitationNot soak limited for most applicationsNot soak limited for most applications
Jam Rate< 1 jam in 1000 strips run< 1 jam in 1000 strips run
Number of Cassettes1 input, 1 output1 input, 1 output
Exchange On The FlyYesYes
Number of Cassettes355mm available for cassettes355mm available for cassettes
Exchange On The FlyYesYes
Package TypesLead frames, etched lead frames, laminatesLead frames, etched lead frames, laminates
Strip Length150 – 275mm150 – 300mm
Strip Width23 – 100mm23 – 100mm
Size1.4 x 1.7 x 1.1m (L x W xH)1.4 x 1.7 x 1.1m (L x W xH)
MobilityTransportable. Setup after transport not to exceed 30 minutesTransportable. Setup after transport not to exceed 30 minutes