The dilemma now facing the semiconductor devices testing industry is that the combination of both package handling and contacting difficulty require new handling technologies. Traditional test handler solutions (gravity, pick-and-place or turret handlers) cannot adequately address the issue of large multi-site testing and add to the complexity and costs for the back end.  In short, new packaging technologies require appropriate new handling technologies and traditional packages must also see a reduction in the rising cost of test.

Strip test is a proven solution, and accepted by the industry, to resolve the current difficulties in handling modern IC devices in a multi-site environment:

  • Most devices (SOIC, TSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, WFP, TQFP, SOT and pocket-molded QFN packages) are already being manufactured in strip format today.
  • Devices are very accurately positioned with respect to each other within the strip and are already organized to be multi-site friendly.
  • Multi-site test strategy decisions can be made based on customer needs, economics, and tester resources, and not tied to a specific type of test handler.
  • Strips do not require precision handling mechanisms.
  • Strip test is tester agnostic and can use existing testers.
  • Many package types can be handled in a single strip format.
  • Small packages are not any more difficult to handle in strip format than large packages.
  • Device yields are higher in strip format than in singulated formats due to superior contacting.
  • Lead/ball damage is dramatically reduced due to the lack of device handling after test.
  • Index times are reduced compared to traditional testing systems, keeping testers much more efficient and productive.
  • Jam rates are dramatically reduced.
  • Outgoing shipment quality is improved as a result of minimal handling of individual units.
  • The cost of test is dramatically reduced, often by as much as 40% or more.

Strip testing is our sole focus. Today, we market our SH-5000 & SH-5300, our 4th and 5th generation tri-temp strip test handlers; FH-1200, our 3rd generation film frame handler; and MH-3000 & MH-3300, our 3rd and 4th generation laser markers specifically designed for strip test applications.